NaPoWriMo Draft 29.

For this, my penultimate poem of NaPoWriMo, I give you my very first sonnet, written in free blank verse, which, according to Mary Kinzie’s A Poet’s Guide to Poetry (a book I adore, by the way), is unrhymed loose iambic pentameter. Mine is very loose.



NaPoWriMo Draft 28.

Some evenings, none of the boys wishes to sleep. It makes getting a start difficult, but the poem has prevailed. Only two more poems remain to finish off the month. It’s bewildering. I’ve never been even marginally prolific — I don’t think I’ve written this much in even a year.


NaPoWriMo Draft 27.

Because it would be wrong to simply coast through the finishing line these last few days of NaPoWriMo (only 3 days, 3 poems more!), I set myself the task of using the abecedarian form, slightly adapted, for today. Instead of 26 lines, each beginning with the next letter of the alphabet, I have compressed it into 7 lines. It is probable that I will never do this again.