About Marie Gauthier

img_2812Marie Gauthier is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Tupelo Press, a Franklin County Regional Representative for Mass Poetry, chief cook & bottle-washer of the Collected Poets Series, and President of the League of Women Voters of Franklin County – MAL Unit.  She worked at the Jeffery Amherst Bookshop in Amherst, MA from 1998 until its closing on Nov. 28, 2008. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in many journals, including LinebreakCave Wall, The MacGuffin, Hunger Mountain, Crab Creek Review, The Grove Review, Poetry Northwest, The Common, and elsewhere.

She was the recipient of a 2008 Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Prize, and received Honorable Mention in the 2010 Dorothy Prizes. Her chapbook, Hunger All Inside, was released by Finishing Line Press in October 2009.

Marie and her husband, Lance, live in Shelburne Falls, MA (home of the alluring yet incredibly dangerous Glacial Potholes) with their three children.  She is always happy to receive email:  mgauthier [dot] hunger [at] gmail [dot] com

This blog is her own personal blog, and in no way affiliated with Tupelo Press.  Just so you know.


21 thoughts on “About Marie Gauthier

  1. I wandered into your website by accident looking for another poet I had mentioned and put on my Blog; which is really for the workshop I attend in Greenwich Village. You sound so down on your own submissions and work that I just wanted to grant you a bit of encouragement!! The acceptance is all in your head. But keep it up. I was recently in contact (though the blog) by pure happenstance` with another poet. Quite old now who was published in THE NATION and THE NEW YORKER and has yet to have a book or a chapbook. A real shame. Her name is Esther Weislitz. I put her on the blog. A really fine lady. So keep up your work and reading.
    Brent Pallas

  2. Thank you for stopping by, Brent, and for your kind encouragement! The whole process of submitting is inevitably depressing with brief intervals of brightness, but I do try to keep it all in perspective — thanks for the positive reinforcement!

  3. Hi Marie:

    Such a nice surprise to find you here after so long. Looks like you’ve landed happily on both feet and cradling a brand new Vincent to boot. You look happy! It’s great to see that you have persevered and have a chapbook to prove it too. Congrats.

    Kevin in Illinois

  4. Marie,

    I friend found my poem here. I’m glad you like my poetry. The Apogee books are a bit different. Anyhow, I like what you’ve got going here, and your boy Vincent has captured my heart already.


  5. Wow, Stefanie, thank you so much for coming by! rife is my favorite of your collections, but I find the Apogee books compelling, and I’m very glad to own them all.

  6. Hey Marie-

    How’s life with two? I love seeing the pics, so keep them coming!

    I can’t seem to find your e-mail, so could you send me an email at randomhouse.com or booksonthenightstand.com? I’ve got a favor to ask you…


  7. Picked up the Winter/Spring Cave Wall yesterday. Just wanted to tell you I really loved your two poems there.

  8. Marie– Finally got a chance to look at your blog. So funny you’re at Tupelo; I used to work with Jim S. at the Frost Place. In another bit of synchronicity, my in-laws live in Amherst . . . in fact they’re former faculty residents of the Dickinson House. Spooky poetry connections. Hmm. All best, Dawn

  9. How sad to hear of the closing of the Jeffery Amherst Book Shop in Emily Dickinson’s Amherst. I have just completed a book on Emily Dickinson titled WILD NIGHTS, WILD NIGHTS: The Story of Emily Dickinson’s MASTER FIGURE, with a NON-fiction afterword LOVER OF SCIENCE AND SCIENTIST in DARK DAYS OF THE REPUBLIC based on the latest info and research regarding ED’s texts and the impetus for her writing her love poems and poems of lost love.[….] I hope ED fans will buy and read the book and write to me about it at daniela@tellurian.com/ I can, for awhile, send out signed advanced copies at author’s half price while they last. [….] See my book online soon and currently just out at http://www.plainviewpress.net/ Remember please this was a non-profit labor of love to acquaint all with the real Emily Dickinson.

  10. Thank you, Daniela. I apologize, but I found it necessary to edit down your comment. I hope folks will click on your link to read more about you & your book. Congratulations!

  11. P.S. Marie, you live in one of the prettiest towns ever with THE BRDIGE OF FLOWERS and the gorge, and the geology of glacial holes and the falls. I visit it often when I visit Amherst and go to the Dickinson Homestead Museuum. I’ve been up your way several times to dine and to stay in WellSpring House, writer’s retreat, while I worked on my Emily Dickinson book, WILD NIGHTS, WILD NIGHTS, titled after her poem by that first line and just publised this money of Feb. in advance copies. I loved the Jeffrey Amherst Book Shop and went there often to buy books. How sad to here it closed. Aiii. I weep. I love your town, lucky woman for living there! MA. is a wonderful state and town among the prettiest in the USA, I’d love to move there from New York City, but family and grandchildren keep me here. Emily Dickinson loved Valentine’s Day and her first published works were Valentines, so Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Shelburne Falls and all!

  12. Marie, nice header! 🙂

    Sure, feel free to use the photo, and thanks for the attribution.

    I’m glad you like it!

  13. Are you related to any of the Gauthiers that live in Fall River, MA? I live in FL but have uncles, aunts and cousins in Fall River, MA where my father was born and lived.

  14. I married my name. My husband’s standard reply to that question is, “We’re all related.” I do know that he grew up in Natick, MA, so it’s possible he has relatives in Fall River.

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